English 4 you and me

What is culture?

This month in our school we’ve got guests from Philipines, India and Hong Kong. This is very interesting because we can learn something about Asian cultures and traditions celebrated in those countries. But the question is: What is culture? How do we define culture?


Happy Easter!

St. Patrick’s Day


Every year on  March 17, the Irish and many other people having Ireland in their hearts celebrate the day for the patron saint of Ireland. This festival became so popular that in many cities around the world are organised street parades with dancing to Irish music and lots of green everywhere . We can say that this is an international celebration of Irish culture.

This time I’m not going to write about this beautiful celebration. I encourage you to look for the answers to the following questions:.

1. Why GREEN is associated with this festival?

2. Who is a LEPRECHAUN?

This site may help you 🙂 http://www.history.com/topics/st-patricks-day/history-of-st-patricks-day/videos/green?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false

Good luck!


Do you know what Super Ball is?


This is a very important sport event in the USA.

The Super Bowl is the season final championship game of National Football League (NFL) in America.  The matchup for this game is the winning teams of the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference  (AFC).   It is currently held on the first Sunday in February.

This year on the 1st February the New England Patriots became Super Bowl Champions after a come-from-behind win to defeat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24.


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Thanksgiving Day

Many of my students don’t know this American holiday so I’ve decided to show them this story.


This year autumn is so beautiful! The weather is fantastic! The sun is shinining and it’s very warm. It’s great.

Hello again!!!

Hello again after two months of holidays!

Two weeks ago we started a new school year.I hope that it will be nice and very fruitful time for all of us.




It’s June now and very soon will be HOLIDAYS!









School trips

In May many students go on school trips and they don’t know what to pack in their backpacks. Here is a short film which gives you advice on what to take with you when you are travelling in a car. Enjoy watching it!